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#2 The New Kid

One of the first things I noticed moving from University to work was that, just because you’re starting somewhere new, doesn’t mean everyone else is in the same boat and keen to make friends. You need to make an effort. If you’re a bit shy to start off with, much like I was, that seems like a problem but it’s not – it’s a good opportunity to put yourself out there.

If I sound all doom-and-gloom just there, it’s really not all bad! Larger companies tend to have one big graduate recruitment drive, bring you all in on your first day and then it’s kind of the same as fresher’s week – plus a death by PowerPoint and minus the hard-core binge drinking. If your company brings new recruits in sporadic, small groups then you may have a year-group of early careers people to mingle with. If you’re entering into a small company, however, it’s likely everyone will know you’re new and will make an effort to make you feel welcome.

You’ll be fine, trust me. Networking is a key skill that you develop the more you do it and if you can practise that beforehand by going to social/sports clubs etc. you can quickly get a good group of colleagues.

Maybe these colleagues become friends you go on holidays with…

Maybe one of them eventually becomes your boyfriend… but that’s another story.





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