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#3 My Bookshelf

Once you get home from work, class or even just a long day of being busy, it’s all too easy to get a cup of tea and sit in front of a screen that will allow you to relax and escape. This tends to be what I do and I find that I lose quite a lot of time to it – that’s not including social media which can also a huge time waster if you let it. 
There are people out there who are avid readers and some that don’t read for fun at all but my reading habits are quite sporadic and something I generally do on long trips or before going to sleep (FYI, Stephen King is not a good option before bed). 

While reading also requires a lot of time, it has benefits that go beyond escapism and relaxation. It improves vocabulary, boosts brain power and intelligence and can also improve memory function. One of my pages here – “My Bookshelf” – lists what I’ve been reading and I’ll review them where I can.  I have a shelf full of books that I want to get through and many more I have seen in passing or heard of that I also think would be so interesting to know more about. 

My tastes in literature are quite varied; I had a phase of reading pretty gory crime, another phase in what’s effectively smut, another in teen romance and most recently a love of Stephen King. What connects all the books that I truly love though, is how they’re written and how they speak to me. Taste is, of course, subjective and I don’t doubt that I’ll genuinely enjoy something that others may cringe at upon merely hearing the name *cough-cough, Love struck in London, cough-cough*. 

Another reason for why I’m trying to get myself to read more is due to increasing moments of “what is the word I’m looking for… it’s on the tip of my tongue” before typing a related word into MS Word and searching through synonyms until I find it. It’s like seeing an actor in something and wondering where you’ve seen them before – that kind of annoying brain itch that is the most satisfying thing once you’ve scratched it. 

At any rate, my reading record so far for this year is decidedly poor and I aim to rectify it. Dramatic, thrilling or controversial, I will read it and am always open to suggestions.
Happy reading, 

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